More old favourites made new | Simone Walsh Jewellery

More old favourites made new

We've created some more new versions of some of our most popular designs. And we're going to introduce you to them. These pieces have had some min...

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Old favourites, new designs | Simone Walsh Jewellery

Old favourites, new designs

We've just added a few new jewellery designs to the shop ... which are also old designs at the same time. We'd like to introduce you to them. Thes...

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New minimalist jewellery | Simone Walsh Jewellery

New minimalist jewellery

I love ornate jewellery designs, but it's also great to have some more simple, minimalist and geometric pieces, especially for everyday wear or if ...

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New necklace clasps

This is an old jewellery post. Visit the jewellery in Australia shop to check out the latest. Just so you know, I've recently started using hinged ...

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