Jewellery polishing cloth for gold & silver


You'll keep your gold and sterling silver jewellery sparkling clean with these top quality precious metal jewellery cleaning cloths.

Our high quality and professional standard jewellery polishing cloths are just what you need to help keep your gold and silver jewellery clean and sparkly because they remove the unwanted tarnish that builds up on the surface of many metals - and especially sterling silver.

Each polishing cloth is infused with a non-scratch micro-abrasive which will safely clean and polish gold alloys, sterling silver, brass, copper and more. As well as removing tarnish from your precious jewellery, they'll also give your pieces a beautiful polish.

To use your jewellery cleaning cloth, just rub it gently on the piece you're cleaning, doing your best to get into crevices. The cloth will get black marks on it as the tarnish comes off the metal.

Once you've finished cleaning your jewellery with a polishing cloth we recommend giving it a quick wash with warm water with a gentle colourless and fragrance free liquid soap to remove any chemical residue. Then rinse it well and pat dry.

The sturdy silver polishing cloths are each approximately 19cm (7.5") by 12.5cm (5"). They can be used until completely blackened.

Our polishing cloths come in a 100% recycled kraft envelope.

Read our comprehensive jewellery cleaning & care guide to learn how best to clean and care for your jewellery. If you're in a hurry then you should check out our article 10 tips to quickly clean your jewellery.

Just the facts:

  • Materials: chemical infused polishing cloth.
  • Size: 19cm (7.5") by 12.5cm (5"). 

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